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Medicine Grove Madison Wisconsin Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic

Madison Acupuncture Herbal Medicine Logo Having recently returned from post-graduate internships in Taiwan, Matthew Wagner, LAc, owner of Madison Acupuncture Herbal, found himself trying to create a new business in a brand new community. As a new business, Madison Acupuncture Herbal needed to both define itself conceptually as a business and clinic, and create a marketing tool to drive sales. Practically speaking, Matthew needed branding to turn his business concept into a business reality, and a website with a robust platform that could translate this branding into sales by maximizing visibility and driving marketing. Read More

Long Island Law Firm Redesign

Suffolk Law - Twomey, Latham, Shea, Kelley, Dubin & Quartararo LLPThe law firm of Twomey, Latham, Shea, Kelley, Dubin & Quartararo LLP joins Designtech Studio’s growing list of legal, professional clients switching to Adobe Business Catalyst. This law firm is the largest in Suffolk County New York, making it a major legal firm for all of Long Island. The firm has decided to do a dynamic redesign of their entire site that will aesthetically reflect the professional nature of their practice, while incorporating a high degree of functionality, that will both serve as a resource for clients, and also create an avenue to drive marketing and public exposure, through the use of blogs, bios, and resource library. Read More

ProPlugger an All-American Business

Proplugger Website by Designtech StudioOur latest Adobe Business Catalyst project is ProPlugger. ProPlugger is a classic, homegrown, American business, dealing in lawn and general landscape repair, weed control, and bulb planting. This labor of love has grown out of one man’s passion, to be an up and coming presence in the lawn care industry.

ProPlugger needed a total reinvention of their website to match the expanding vision and scope of their company, and to also support their new, fledgling product line, all while staying within a very conservative budget. While the constraints were tight, if one has the right finesse and knows their platform well, it’s amazing what can be accomplished!  Read More

Website Templates for Acupuncturists and Alternative Health Care Professionals

Designtech Studio has two well designed and developed Adobe Business Catalyst Website Design Template for acupuncturist, massage therapists, and other alternative health care professionals.  These websites are fully customizable to fit your business goals.  If you need to sell products online or offer promotion for your services, we can include additional features to enhance your website.  Do you need a logo for your clinic?  What about business cards and brochures?  Along with a new business website, Designtech Studio can design your entire marketing package.  Take a look at these Adobe Business Catalyst website templates. Read More

Using Quick Reference QR Code in Your Website and Marketing Material

Cell phone users in Japan rely heavily on a technology called QR Codes (Quick Reference Codes) in their daily life.  The cell phones equipped with scanning capabilities such as a built-in cameras can quickly scan the bar-code image that include small boxes and lines representing all types of information.  This QR code technology was invented by Toyota automobile company in mid 1990s to easily and quickly scan parts and manufacturers information in their factories.  QR codes quickly became popular among the Japanese public, especially the mobile users due to ease of use.  DoCoMo, a large cell phone network provider in Japan spread this QR technology across Japan.  Since then, the use of this technology spans from instantly receiving information about upcoming events, URLs, contact information, product information and more.   Read More

Acupuncture Herbal Healing website picked as Top 3 Adobe Business Catalyst Websites of the Month

Thank you again Adobe Business Catalyst, for showcasing Designtech Studio's latest website design and development project, Acupuncture Herbal Healing as one of the Top 3 BC Sites of the Month of January 2011!  This exciting news was announced through BC's Business Success email newsletters #32 to all the partners and subscribers around the world!  Thank you for taking a look at this website created for a licensed Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner in Boulder, Colorado, United States.   Read More

Why Good Designs Matter for your Business

I recently read an ebook called "101 Tips for your business in 2010", published by Smart Company.  There are lots of great tips included in this document, but the tips that caught my attention are "A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE IS CRUCIAL" and "DESIGN SHOULD BE THE MOST VISIBLE COMPONENT OF YOUR MIX".  As a designer and owner of a web design studio, I'm naturally going to see these tips as very valuable.  However, there's something important here that can be applied to all our businesses. Read More

Announcing Special Events with Post Cards and Email Newsletter Campaign

Do you have a special event coming up that you want to announce to you customers or clients?  Do you want to send professionally designed post cards, greeting cards, brochure or other print design with the information on the special event?  What about reaching all of your customers or clients through beautifully crafted email newsletter about the event too?  On top of that, wouldn't it be great to have the recipients reserve a seat or RSVP online and pay for the event online? Read More

Professional Business Card Designs

One of the most common marketing material you hand to your potential client in a face-to-face meeting is your business card.  Not only your business card should have all your contact information, it should have your company logo and design that stands out.  Why?  Because, there are so many business cards out there and your client probably has enough laying around their offices too.  Your card should be memorable, so your client doesn't have to sift through to look for yours.  It just pops out from the crowd of white and boring cards! Read More

Magazine ad for Mondo Zen on Enlighten Next Magazine

One-page magazine ad created for Mondo Zen, a Zen Buddhist organization in the United States was published in the Enlighten Next Magazine (September, 2009 issue).  This print design was inspired by a photograph taken by Melissa Zeligman at the Wild Goose Zendo where she resides.  The tranquility of the setting created inspiration for the graphic designRead More

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