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Khristian A. Howell Design Implementation

Khristian A. Howell Website Design ImplementationDesigntech Studio has just completed a website design implementation into Adobe Business Catalyst for noted designer and fabric artist Khristian A Howell.  Khristian and her design team re-envisioned their original website – already a successful e-commerce site - in preparation for a feature piece, and marketing push on

To bring their site into BC functionality, we have converted their ideas into a liquid layout in Business Catalyst, which is now their new homepage.  In the process, we’ve upgraded the old blog into a news-oriented blog format, as well as added a new blog called “saturate”, that will feature trends and style-oriented posts.  This enables Khristian to drive marketing using two separate blogs with separate interfaces.

This new homepage and blog layout includes BC implementation, such as content holders, dynamic menus, and modules, all of which can be updated and maintained by the client.  This enables website flexibility of content, theme, and overall look, to meet the ever changing trends and styles in the world of design.

The new website is powered by a dynamic, flexible platform that gives her everything she needs to run a successful business, from e-commerce, to up-datable content and theme using CMS, to client maintainable BC implementation, all of which enables her to both stay on top of, and more importantly, to create, the latest trends.


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