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Beeman Jewelry Design

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Project Description:

Beeman Jewelry Design features Mr. John Beeman's unique, elegant, and custom jewelry designs through an online gallery and an ecommerce shopping website.  In conjunction with the grand opening of Beeman Gallery in New Mexico in early October of 2010, Designtech Studio with collaborative efforts of Good & Evil Consulting, created a website that showcases these one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.  The interface designs were kept simple and clean to focus customers attention to the actual jewelry art on sale.  The detail product photos included zoomed in functionality as well.  To take advantage of the natural search engine optimization techniques, many web pages were created to discuss stones and gems, tell stories about adventure travels around the world, and artist inspiration were added along with pictures.

Services & Features:

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John Beeman's jewelry designs are showcased in a very simple and elegant manner on his ecommerce website home page. The large image of John's latest jewelry designs are displayed on the home page in a slide show. Featured jewelry items as well as blogs about gems, techniques, and inspiration are listed on the home page.
Beeman Jewelry Design website is not only a place to purchase an one-of-a-kind piece online, but to discover the artist's inspiration in creating each of the jewelry items.
Each jewelry item has its own detail page where the artist describes not only what gems are included in the jewelry piece, but where the inspiration came. The artist invites the customers to discover more about the stones, gems and the cultures.
In order to take advantage of the natural search engine optimization technique, John Beeman has added many resource-rich content related to his products and artistry into web pages. These pages give customers in-depth information about the items they are purchasing.
Simple yet easy to use ecommerce shopping cart process is key to creating a successful online business. Beeman Jewelry Design website integrated the tried and true method for their shopping cart and check out process.

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